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The building is in the neighborhood of Colli Aniene,Rome. Although it is mainly residential, there are many green spaces. In fact, there is a park " La Cervelletta" in the eastbound.

Part 1: Opening and Setting

Start Vasari

On the Homepage select "New Metric"


This will open an empty paper with metric system units, this paper uses millimeters as default measure of the lenght.


You can change it by clicking on "Project Units" in "Manage" menu.


You can change anything you want by clicking on the box "Format"


Part 2: Setting a Location

Click on "Location" in the "Analyze" menu.


You can look for the address, and you can move on the exact site.


Now you can import an image of the site. Attention to import the image on the ground level.


Part 3: Drawing

Now you can see your site on the ground level. To create your building click "Create Mass" in "Model" menu.8.jpg

Here with the Tools "Draw" in "Model" menu you can create the plan of your building.


Now select the plant of your buliding and with "Create Form" and "Solid Form" in "Model" menu you can extrude the shape.


Clicking on the dimension you can change and write the exact measure. Then click "Finish Mass" in "Modify Form" menu to close the object.


Part 4: Set Solar Analysis

Activating "Sun Path On" and "Shadows On" you can see the solar path and its shadows.


Now you can define date and time of your analysis.


Part 5: Solar Analysis

H 10:35 March, 28 2015




H 17:20  March,28 2015

1720 bis.jpg


The apartment, on the third floor, and specifically bedrooms and services, on the east facade enjoys the sun until about 11:00. On the west facade, living room and one bedroom, enjoys the sun between 12:00 and 16:00. The shadows is given by the shape of the entire buliding and by the influence of the building opposite. The north facade, without windows, enjoy the sun until 16:00.

Overall the apartment, having windows on the opposite sides, has a good ventilation. In the period examined spaces on the east side enjoys a good natural light only in the early hours of the day. While the spaces on the west side are well lit in the middle of the day, but although this can be an advantage in winter, in the summer period the spaces are too hot.



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