Via Bernardino Passeri 19, 00153 ROMA

  • Posted on: 23 March 2015
  • By: Alex Boyano

Via Bernardino Passeri 19, 00153 ROMA. Alex Boyano

1.Start a new project with metric mesures.

2.Add Location (Via Bernardino Passeri 19, 00153 ROMA) and Import image site.

3.Create mass, draw, create form ... 

...untill the context of the plot is done.

4.Choose the sun settings according to the present time.

5. Render image.

Plot at 9:00

Plot at 12:00

Plot at 15:00

Plot at 17:00

FINAL STEP: Choose the camera position accoding to the point we want to show.

Visual at 09:00

Visual at 12:00

Visual at 15:00

Visual at 17:00

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