4_ES: Fraxinus ornus

  • Posted on: 21 May 2015
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arbre2.jpgThe ash with and without his flowers


Analysis: advantages of this type of tree in urban zones

Location :
It is a rather frequent tree in the South of Europe and thus in Italy. In Rome, we often find it along big traffic lane as here Via Marconi. It is easy to find it in this area of Italy and it is normaly easy to bring it in town without too much transportation. This tree resists well to the drought and is globally resistant to the urban environment.

Size :
It is small/average tree : between 7 and 12 meters. It allows to have planted paths in town without having the trees becoming too big. It doesn't requires too much maintenance and allows to plan easily in advance this size.

Foliage :
The tree is composed of bough making between 20 and 30cm with 5 to 10cm leaves. This foliage allows the penetration of a small part of the light while reducing strongly the heat on the ground and on the surrounding buildings


Flowers :

The tree has his blooming between April and June. It possesses white flowers which have a soft smell. It brings a pleasant esthetic aspect, but flowers by falling make small heaps which put a few days to disappear. We find it quantity in the streets and on the top of cars.


In Vassar : the 3D

Now we will reproduce it in 3D. The first step is to calculate the dimensions of the three (autocad here)

arbre (1).jpg

Then, in the main menu we open a new family. By doing that, we already have a pre-existing environment and the object can be imported in evry type of projects.

arbre (2).jpg

In the model spaces, we must modify the units first (in meters : Manage > Project Unites). Then we create differents references levels in relation with the measurement of the tree.

arbre (3).jpg

Then we can start to draw each tree levels (here every 70cm) so as to create a profil. We also made the trunk this way. Then we select all the levels and click on Creat Form > Solid Form. It creats the volume of the tree.

arbre (4).jpg

Then we have the possibility to change some settings such as the type of shadow. To modify this parameters, we have to clik on Properties > Graphics > Visible. It opens a window where we have to click on "Add parameter..." so as to create a new setting. Here we select instance and give a name to the select element ("Chioma" here).

arbre (5).jpg

By saving this we can insert this tree in every project by using "Load into project".

Here you are :

arbre (7)_0.jpg

Let see what happened with an urban environment at diverse hours of the day

9h00 :


13h00 :


16h00 :



Thanks for the reading.

Team Benoit_Bostyn

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Ritratto di StefanoConverso

Perfect post, really nothing to say about it.

I would just be curious of how the tree would behave in different conditions,
how could you "design with it"? Do you find in Rome other uses, maybe in one
entire street?

I mean now the next step would be the design one.
How would you use this three? How is it now used?