• Posted on: 14 January 2015
  • By: Mabel Sorrentino


here is my first design for the Ligini's tower (third floor, tower A). I'm now focusing on the facade, and in these days I developed this idea of a fragmentary facade based on the triangular type module. Each module can rotate 90°, so I thought this could be helpful in several conditions of sun radiation, expecially for the west and east side. The space between the edge of the walls and the edge of the ceiling is about 1m, so the panel's movement is thought to be outside this space in order to use it. 

Work in progress...

  • Posted on: 12 January 2015
  • By: Klemen Stegu

As it is seen from this picture of my project, a decided to do two apartments in my floor of the tower. So far the shape of the first is already made, now I'm moving on to the second.

Meanwhile I would like to mention, how are the things made so far:

Curtain Window

  • Posted on: 4 January 2015
  • By: andrea piattella


I designed the first component for the CURTAIN WINDOW for the Ligini's building.

I decided to make an element composed of an opening window and a glass parapet. 

To start I opened  a new family - CURTAIN WINDOW 

Then with the REFERENCE PLANE I traced the edge lines of the fixed frame and of the mobile frame.