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  • Posted on: 11 June 2016
  • By: Piccione_Strizzi

The choosen tree is named Cercis Siliquastrum, also known as Giuda's tree. It's mostly used as a decorative plant because of it's strength against urban atmosphere. 

It's size goes generally around 10 mt of height, ours tree is about 7 mt. It's growth is know to be very slow.

Here's the model, a line of Cercis Siliquastrum placed in the middle of the sidewalk that covers the whole path.




The line of trees clearly characterizes the road, giving it an interesting sense of protection. The trees are very close to the building, they can even touch it or maybe get into it through the windows with their branches. It's a sensation of a green belt for those who live at the first and second floor and even a sensation of a green roof for those who walk under it.In Spring, color and parfume of tree's flowers can get those sensations even stronger. How about to see this road without trees? Here we go below, what a sick and isolated area! 

Theese Cercis Siliquastrum are also needed for thei shield work againt sunrays. As shown below we analyzed the result with ad without trees.

solar green 2.JPG

solar green.JPG

They clearly are a great filter wich allows to survive even at 12 o'clock in June, date of the solar analysis.

In the end theese trees are worthy to be described as masses, which give much more dynamism to the façade



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Sabato, 11 Giugno, 2016 - 12:30