Delivery no.4

  • Posted on: 4 May 2018
  • By: Siamak_Kavoosi_Far

Tectonic Composition

 In this delivery I tried to practice a kind of composition in which there are some different part (Families) which are assembled together in project file

I am going to compose a bookcase, this bookcase is made of different small parts, so I create this small part separately as FAMILY and the unit them in ASSEMBLY phase. The parts are:

  1. The supports
  2. Connection beet ween supports
  3. Shelves.

The Supports: can be considered as MOTHER PART

For creating the support in choose the GENERIC MODLE family.

I create 4 parameters: Support Height + Support Width + Void Height + Void Width and fixed thickness,

 Connections between supports: can be considered the CHILD 1 PART

for this part I need GENERIC MODEL FACE BASED family

it has fixed height and width; the only parameter is the LENGHTS

I INSERT THE CHILD PART IN THE mother file and create association between the WIDTH of the support and the length of CONNECTINO ELEMENT

Now I have to model the Shelf: It’s an independent part

 Also, for shelves I chose GENERIC FACE BASED family

The parameters of this family are the LENGTH AND WIDTH while the thickness is fixed.


Now it’s the time of assembling all the parts in ASSEMBLY project file. In insert mother and child together as on object.

The last step is inserting the SHELV family and assemble to the project

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Ritratto di StefanoConverso

Missing Bracing!

I bet you'll have to add a part!

Very nice diagram though!


Ritratto di Siamak_Kavoosi_Far

You're right prof, i will add it!