LAB 6_Library of the "Pontificia Universitas Lateranensis"

  • Posted on: 29 March 2016
  • By: Alberto Ortensi

It's not so easy to go inside this building, as it's on an extraterritorial area of the Vatican in Rome. Luckly I had this opportunity almost two years ago, thanks to my Architecture student ID. Once I was in, what has captured my attention was the invasion of brightness! Anyway the architect studied with a smart attention, how the light hits the facades, in order to avoid that even just one single ray of sunshine could hit a chair or a table. Actually this phenomenon can happen at the earliest hours in the morning -the main facede is set on east direction-, since then the space is both very bright and very comfortable... even for bookworms!

Martedì, 29 Marzo, 2016 - 22:59
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