• Posted on: 4 November 2014
  • By: Thyago alves

On the first attempt I tried to represent a pyramid


Martedì, 4 Novembre, 2014 - 00:25
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I thought I'd play the Mayan pyramids from a stacking of a single family with her ​​regularly and leaked, so I began creating plans for reference.


Then the create option, I created a rectangular extrusion and then align the tool lined extrusion of reference to plans, closing the lock then.


After aligning all the edges, i used the align dimension tool to expose measures to parameterize then


After finishing editing, with the option clicked modify the size and the menu label established a parameter for the extent and with the option marked instance finalize the parameter;




Do a test to see if the parameters act, after that we can see in the lower left corner in 3d view that the extrusion was performed:112_4.png

From this it was possible to edit the extrusion tool with the same name


Returned the plans references and option plans create new references were created in order to start leaking the design


And so the first steps were repeated, this time when it was inserted a new rectangular extrusion, aligned to these new plans of reference, with dimensions quoted and finalized after these actions was possible to create new parameters for these new dimensions.


returned to 3d view and the object was leaked;

Done that was possible to save and load it into a new project where we can vary the sizes of the blocks independently, but the intention was just pushes them to do due to an exercise

To modulate and organize stacking use the tool spaced grid squares of 3000mm x 3000mm since it is a multiple of the largest block size created.

To finish we did this until there is no possibility of interlock blocks, thus forming a stack similar to a pyramid:


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