Parametric elements

  • Posted on: 28 November 2014
  • By: andrea piattella

As for the second delivery i started opening a NEW family - GENERIC METRIC MODEL FACED BASED- OPEN

 I opened this new file and I decided the elevation to realized the section of my element. Than I drew the REFERNCE PLANE( each one for each bord of the object ) 

Than I assign the dimension to all the distances 

I created the parameters that i needed for each distances. Than once I finished and closed the family's window, I clicked one by one the distances and I assigned for each one the parameters.

Than I modified the parameters with the design mesures.

After that I exstruded my geometry with the command CREATE EXTRUSION.

I changed elevation to define the width of the object creating a new REFERENCE PLANE  and locked it to the extrusion.

I created also a new parameter for the width of the object and I assigned to it.

To assigne the material to the extrusion I selected the property of the family and I created a new parameter for the material I wanted.

I placed the families of the components of my object in the mother family .

 I Loaded the families  and I changed their parameters. There's a window on the left with all the families, I clicked on the family that I wanted to change.

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