• Posted on: 11 December 2014
  • By: andrea piattella

I did the third delivery using the bench I designed for the second delivery.  I opened the mother family to create new shared parameters.  

In order to do so I used the command FAMILY TYPES - ADD - SHARED PARAMETER - SELECT - YES  

In the Edit Shared Parameters window I clicked CREATE - (save the file ) - OK

Than EDIT and I creat a new group and you give a name to it. This group will have inside all the shared parameters.

Now it's possible creat the new parameters. 

I opened every singol sub-family to assign the shared parameters that I created before. I started with the wood strips of the bench.

I delited all the old parameters that I gave to the strips in the second delivery. And than I added the new shared parameters using the command ADD - SHARED PARAMETERS - SELECT - (choose the group cretaed before and select the parameters we have to add) 

Than I assigned the new shared parameters to the object.

I did the same thing for all the elements of the bench. Than I reopened the mother family to reload all the components.

I selected the sub-family - EXPORT - ( I fonded and selected the same elements with the shared parameters) - OPEN

I did these steps  for all the elements.  

I reopened the mother family to import in the project: LOAD IN TO PROJECT -------(before I have to create the new project: FILE - NEW - PROJECT).

I imported all the elements in the mother family.

And Finally : VIEW - SCHEDULES - ( category: generic models - OK)  now i just have to add in the feelds of the schedules my shared parameters and all the proprierties that for me are important. 

Giovedì, 11 Dicembre, 2014 - 15:20
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