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  • Posted on: 12 December 2014

In this third delivery, we must create a schedule of the parametric object used for the second delivery. 

To make a schedule, i had to change the parameters of each component of family mother. This is because the old parameters weren’t shared parameters. Now the these new parameters aren’t only for a one object but they are for every component.


step 1 i open every family and i change the parameters. 

Parameter Proprieties -> Shared Parameters (before was Family parameter)

My bench is composed by three elements: Modulo, Incastro 1, Incastro 2. All the elements use the same parameters. 

1_0.png                   2.png

step 2 changed all the parameters, i can reload every component in the mother family (Panchina). But there isn’t need to shape a new bench, because i can replace and sostitute the old one with the new one. (Load family)

step 3 i decide that the bench must belong to a new categorie “Arredi”


step 4 Now i can load into a new project the mother family. (New project: metric)


step 5 With the command Schedule, i can check all elements that compose the bench. So i choose “Arredi”, and than i can chose witch proprierties i want to show in my schedule. I chose: (conteggio, famiglia e tipo, altezza 1, altezza 2, larghezza e spessore).

5.png        6.png

Step 6 With the command Sorting grouping i can decide to change the order of elements.

7.png         8.png

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