Curtain Window

  • Posted on: 4 January 2015
  • By: andrea piattella


I designed the first component for the CURTAIN WINDOW for the Ligini's building.

I decided to make an element composed of an opening window and a glass parapet. 

To start I opened  a new family - CURTAIN WINDOW 

Then with the REFERENCE PLANE I traced the edge lines of the fixed frame and of the mobile frame.

through the ALIGNED DIMENSION I quoted each part of the Window. 

Once I finished I created new parameters: FAMILY TIPES - add - I assigned a name to this new one parameters - OK



To assign the new parameters to the aligned dimension I selected them - LABEL - and then I selected the parameters that I needed

Then trough the command EXTRUSION I extruted the fixed frame in the front elevation. Once I finished I changed view to assigned a depht to the frame. 

Once I finished with the fixed frame I started with the mobile frame. As before I extruded the frame in the frontal view with the command EXTRUSION and then I assigned to it a depth in the side view.

Now to make the glass parapet I did the same steps that I did for the frames.  1_ I created the edge lines through the REFERENCE PLANE      2_I created a new parameter that I assigned to the aligned dimension   3_I extruted the glass and then modified the thickness in the side view



To assigned the materials I selected each part of the window and created for them a new parameter to wich corrisponded a specific material.

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Ritratto di StefanoConverso

Hello Andrea, Happy New Year!

be careful, when you model a curtain system panel (in this case a window), width and height are variable
dimensions, so you have to think about variable parts in your family, if you want to keep with door (or window)
width as a fixed number.

Hope it is clear, maybe when you will try to embed it into a curtain system you will face this issue.
Another thing: if it has to be opened, a window needs two frames, and you did it, good job! 
now you just need a "hosting" frame for it.

Buon lavoro, a presto!