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  • Posted on: 5 May 2018
  • By: Ana Klainsek


  • First I created a new Metric generic model for the mother: a bar with aligned sides to reference planes with parameters for the width and the length. At both sides of the bar a portion of the same length and width would be half of the bar’s height and positioned each on opposite heights, so that afterwards each mother could be mounted on another one.
  • For the holes, I created circle extrusions in equal intervals, making a void out of them and cutting them out of the bar. 
  • For the child I opened a new family - metric generic model face based (template to make things be in contact to one another)
  •  I created a bar that would go on top and between two mother bars linked through the holes on each side created the same way as in the mother, and positioned it centered at the crossing point of the two initial reference lines of the generic model so that it would be easier to position on the mother
  • Then I loaded the child into the mother’s file, which needs to be in contact with the mother object, and created a composition piece
  • I loaded the mother file with the composition piece into a new project and copied several pieces rotating them and mounting them on each other. The composition can keep growing mounting elements on the sides this way



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